Fireworks:Good or bad tradition?

For the first time, I will attend fireworks display in Tokyo.

So excited! Praying for everybody’s enjoyment and safety.

According to Japanese history, Sumidagawa Firework Festival is a tradition launched as part of festivals for the dead.


Nowadays, this event serves as a competition held between rival pyrotechnic group..

I noticed that most Japanese are wearing their traditional clothes – Kimono…


Just a thought, why don’t we Filipinos wear our traditional baro’t saya during festival? ^_^

7PM – Start of the fireworks display! Wow! So amazed, the show lasts for 2 hours..

What a night…  Love the food! Especially sushi and yakiniku!

My eyes is so amazed! Wonder how much yen did they spent for this event? ¥¥¥¥


I admit it, I still need to practice my photography skills…. ^_^

It’s hard to take pictures of them! All I have is my patience! hehe

Really love this event!


5 thoughts on “Fireworks:Good or bad tradition?

  1. about the tradition, I really enjoy watching fireworks.. I always say ‘wow!’ and keep amused on every spark. I like their festival. 😀

  2. thank you so much for visitng my blog site.

    @ Abe, fireworks in the rain? cool! ^_^

    @ dyak, I’ll ipload more pix next time..

    @ Claire, patience is a virtue remember! ^_^

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