Super Tokyo Tower

Around 1PM, we went to Minato Tokyo. I’m feeling dizzy because my stepdad is swerving at the oval parking space. I thought we are just going to take pictures of the tower but to my surprise… WE ENTER! ^_^

Tokyo Tower

I was in love with this 333 meter high tower.  So many foreigners like me inside, where are you “Kabayans“! Realized that it is not just an attraction for tourist but also used to broadcast signals for Japanese media outlets. Nice! \m/


The observatories provide 360 degree view of Tokyo. I was like in the heart of the city where I can see mini toy cars! I really enjoyed the views from the top. We eat at a cafe inside then buy souvenirs. I have a little chat with my stepdad; too good he knows some English and Tagalog words. Thanks to my Sensei in UP, I can follow what he is saying.

tokyo tower

We went to foot town which is a 4-story building located at the base area. We eat here and buy again few souvenirs. This tour not only impressed my eyes but also became an instrument to know more about the country. Two years from now, all television broadcasting is planned to be digital. Tokyo tower is not tall enough to transmit higher frequency so a new 610-meter-tall (2000 ft) tower called Tokyo Sky Tree is planned to open on 2011. I’m so excited with this new tower since it is near my mom’s house in Sumida City.


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