Bicycle Time!

Riding a bicyle is my favorite past time when I was young.  Never knew that this “skill” would be very beneficial.  Bicycles are widely used in Japan for everyday life.  I ride on it on my way to convenience store, grocery, bus stop and train station.



1. Basket – specifically designed for women to help them on shopping for food.

2. Kickstand – balances the bicycle when parking.

3. Light – used at night to avoid accident

4. Lock – operated by a key.

5. Bell – used as a “horn”

Wubi bike

Jitensha – means bicycle. You should be responsible in riding on this one. Here are the top 5 things you need to know:

1. You can be ARRESTED for riding a bicycle that is not properly registered on your name.  If the bicycle was only given by a friend or acquaintance, you should re-register it to avoid misunderstanding.

2. Anyone who has caused an accident resulting to death maybe charged with negligence

3. Remember that bikes are considered as vehicles.

4. Illegally parked bikes may be removed and will be disposed after two months if not claimed

5. Every bicycle has a registration sticker to avoid theft.


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