Tachibana Sumida Ko-en (Park)

I always bring my camera whenever I go out. I took pictures wherever my feet takes me.  This time, I went alone to a park near my mom’s house.   It is really nice watching kids play, I remember my little cousins.


Japan is famous in landscaping and gardening, no wonder why almost every district owns a park. Have tried the swing, and remembered my happy child days.. hehehe… Its still fun riding a swing!


I like going here in my idle time, I feel relaxed. There is a vending machine near this park so being thirsty is not a problem. I wont forget the juice drink I bought here one time. I love the design, pink bottle.. To my surprise, it tasted really weird, maybe because I thought its sweet… Well its not…



10 thoughts on “Tachibana Sumida Ko-en (Park)

  1. I should make a place for myself like that as well!
    where i can contemplate, process, meditate, assess,
    and evaluate my life on several levels.
    Great Post! : )

    Love It…

  2. hehehe, ruby! I’m curious about the taste of the pink bottled juice.. => I like to visit Japan someday. Hope it will come. thanks for your entertaining posts. 🙂

  3. moshi moshi,

    i want to drink that minute maid pink grapefruit..

    curios ako sa taste eh hahaha

    and, ubag, ang galing mo palanag mag gawa ng blog ah.. nice

    may talent, pwede nang pang documentary…


    keep it up!!


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