A taste of local Matsuri (Festival)

We go to a local festival held annually in Higashi Azuma. It is near on my mom’s house in Sumida City so we just ride a bike on our way.


I love the decorative lantern displayed, so obsessed I want to take it home! They put up a mini stage with lanterns all over the place.  Various food selection are sold so my mom and I tried to and eat smoothies and “oden”.

Oden – (おでん) is a Japanese winter dish consisting of several ingredients such as boiled eggs, processed fish cakes and “konnyaku” stewed.

What is konnyaku? Konnyaku is a traditional wonder health food because it is rich in fiber and low calories.


On this event, most women are wearing kimono. There is also a girl playing drum and group of people dancing around the mini stage.


Love this event! I’m sure all of the kids enjoyed the catching of fish. You can catch a fish for 100 yen, cheap right?


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