Tokyo Disneysea

Okay… After 6 long years, I’m back to blogging! And yes, I’m back to Japan again. Lots of things happened, been busy working overseas, exploring other places, meeting new people and I got married… This is my 3rd time in this country, now I have husband with me… We spent the first day of 2016 at Tokyo Disneysea!


Tokyo Disneysea is a fantasy theme park in Tokyo Disney Resort that is unique to Japan. Yes, the only Disneysea on earth. Unlike Disneyland, it was designed to create a more adult theme park including more scarier and faster rides. One of our favorite attraction is the Tower of Terror, indeed it was very thrilling. The elevator goes up and down for about 2 floors, you can see the view of Disney Resort.


Thank God for a really nice weather on a cold winter season. Brrrrr! Better visit the park early so you can get the Disney’s FASTPASS. This is a system that lets you minimize the waiting time in line to enter an attraction. This is absolutely FREE and useful to make the most of your time at the park, full details can be found at Tokyo Disney Resort website. I’m very satisfied and happy, we are able to watch the parade and experience the meet & greet with Minnie Mouse.





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