Exquisite Kyoto

For the celebration of my 31st birthday, we took a break from the bustling city of Tokyo. We get to enjoy the Sakura Season, the benefit of having my birthday month on April.


My hubby and I went to Kyoto to experience traditional Japan. Kyoto known as the capital of Japan in ancient years, it didn’t disappoint us. Our first stop is Fushimi Inari, the home of thousands torii gates and setting of the movies like Memoirs of Geisha and Rurouni Kenshin. Inari station is only two stops away from Kyoto station by Nara line, you can reach the temple within 7 minutes or less.


Best travel tip here is to arrive early as the temple is not yet packed with tourists 🙂 Next on our itinerary is to visit Golden Pavillion, we return to Kyoto Station and buy the 1-day unlimited bus pass for 500 YEN. Also known as Kinkakuji, this serene sight is one of Kyoto’s UNESCO World Heritage sites. The top two floors are completely covered in gold leaf.IMG_4814.JPG

We ate ramen for lunch and headed to Path of Philosophy. We are so delighted to see hundreds of sakura trees. We are just in time for sakura blooms!


At night time, its windy and the temperature get chilly as well. We rest for a while in our hotel and visit Kiyomizu-dera Temple. For the love of cherry blossoms, we went for sakura illumination viewing. This is a must-see temple and also included in Kyoto’s UNESCO World Heritage sites.




Before heading back to our hotel, we bought “omiyage” or a souvenir for my stepdad and tried the “Kihachiro’s” beef bun.

Known as the “Best Beef bun in Japan”




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