My Pregnancy in Japan

Our 14 year relationship is finally blessed with a little angel. So much happiness and emotions for this wonderful gift from God. I wont forget the morning of my birthday this year, I found out I am bearing a child in my womb. My mom and husband are very supportive and excited with the good news. We have scheduled an appointment 2 days after my birthday. The Obstetrician informed us that I am already 11 weeks pregnant. This is the link for the Ultrasound Video created by my loving husband.

1st consultation

My first prenatal checkup is quite an experience, they will ask you to sit on a stir-up chair with your legs open. Felt very emotional seeing my baby inside my womb moving as the doctor examines using the apparatus for the pelvic exam. Because of the language barrier, they recommend us to Bokutoh Hospital for my future prenatal consultation. This would be a better alternative for me as it is near our place and some of their specialists can speak English. Doctor has advised for me to take vitamins for supplement and gave us a document confirmation of my pregnancy with my due date.

docs from city hall.jpg

We went to the nearest local ward office to register my pregnancy. The officer is polite and explained the support we can get from the government for a gaijin (foreigner) like me. Fortunately, my husband’s company is following the strict insurance policy in Japan. I received these documents as per above photo:

  1. Mother and Child Health handbook – also known as Boshi kenko techo. This is very important as all information for expectant mother and baby will be recorded inside this handbook. Lucky enough to have the English version for free.
  2. Coupon for prenatal checkup – in Japanese version but easy to fill out. This is really useful to get discounts as you visit your Obstetrician for consultation.
  3. Pregnancy badge – cute little key chain which says: Onaka ga akachan ga iru (There is a baby inside my tummy) This is your badge inside the train in the priority seat.
  4. Pregnancy and baby guidelines – All in Japanese version, you can ask someone to translate it for you or might as well use Google translate 🙂
  5. Free dental check-up – free consultation during pregnancy, dental findings will be recorded to your Mother and Child handbook.
  6. Miscellaneous Documents – Details to avail the Gift Certificate from government and registration requirements for newborn baby. We are told we need to register our baby within 14 days in our local ward.

gift certificate.jpg

And finally, we are able to get the Gift Certificates!! We had a short interview about my pregnancy and fill out some forms. The officer explained I can call the hotline of our City Hall for any assistance and emergency matters. Japan is known for lower birth rate but me, an expectant mother can feel the support from their government.



2 thoughts on “My Pregnancy in Japan

  1. Wow! The Pregnancy Badge is soooo cute! 😊
    Long journey to go my dear. May you enjoy motherhood. Iloveyou. Missyou bigtime! With love and kisses from Kuwait. 😘

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